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Product & services pricing 6.07/10
Chance of future purchase: 5.59/10
Shipping & packaging: 5.15/10
Customer service: 4.46/10
Return/Replacement policy: 4.42/10
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Never received my item after waiting for 2 months

"I ordered a couch mid June and was told it would be in the second week of July. I paid extra for in home setup and disposal of cardboard. When I had not heard I called to see where it was and was told it would be there by the end of the week. 5 days later and still no contact. This continued for the next three weeks, where I phoned no less than 10 times to see where it was. It seemed nobody would give me straight answer. The first week of August I received a voicemail from the case manager saying my couch was “in the warehouse ready to be picked up” by me. I then received an email from Wayfair asking to rate my delivery service. When I called Wayfair, they insisted the couch had been delivered and were shocked when I told them I did not have it, and no one had even so much as contacted me for delivery. After much hounding of the case manager she finally told that the couch had been logged as “lost” in their system. She then told me she would talk to her manager to see if I could get a 50$ credit. Throughout the entire experience no one had contacted me even once at any time. I cancelled the order and bought a new couch somewhere else. I will absolutely never be ordering from Wayfair again.
My advice to you: skip Wayfair, and order from somewhere that actually cares about their clientele.

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They do NOT stand by their merchandise.

"I bought six kitchen chairs that were NOT cheap. I had the chairs 1 1/2 years and one is disintegrating. I called the company to ask what could be done. They said I didn't take an extended warranty on the furniture. I did not KNOW there was an extended warranty as I ALWAYS take one. Now I have one chair that was obviously defective and they won't help me.

Sure, they referred me to Horizon Furniture which ALSO told me there was nothing they could do. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from this company OR Horizon furniture. They obviously do NOT stand by their products. BTW....my invoice says October 2016. I live in Hawaii so the furniture was delivered far past the invoice date. It was my birthday present.

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"Every time I have made a purchase from Wayfair, I've been satisfied with the shipping and price. I haven't ever had to contact customer service. But so far my experiences have been great! "

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Need to replace the replacement

"In finishing a 160 year old farmhouse, we made multiple purchases from Wayfair. We are mostly happy with them except for the master bathroom vanity (we did order a darling dresser for the 1/2 bath that look great as a vanity). The first vanity came with the marble shattered (I sent pics). W. said we would have to wait 6-8 weeks for the replacement. Soooo, we would not be able to use our bath for a month and a half. I was not totally sold on the one we had ordered, so the rep went through about 20 other options that were either not available or would take as long to get as the first one we had ordered. We decided to wait and have not been happy with it since it arrived. The marble has stains that will not come out, the drain hole has corroded and the left faucet is loose. After one year, we would like to return it. With all of the other purchases we have made from Wayfair (home and office) it would not seem like an unreasonable request. We are just plain NOT satisfied with this product."

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Rug is made cheap.

"I rolled out the rug and it was torn and crocked. I will no be ordering any more rugs. Would not recommend to anyone."

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Horrible experience. Purchases difficult. Not smooth

"I ordered 2 chairs. They sent only 1. When i called in, they didn't know who cancel the order of one of them. So to be polite, they gave me a 10% coupon for next purchase. I then went online to order the second chair but surprisingly the price had increased so i had to call AGAIN. They manually fixed the price to match the first chair. When I went to place the order I couldn't use the 10% coupon. So I had to call in YET AGAIN. The reps are not very knowledgeable, they put you on hold and they transfer your call over and over. So I ended up talking to a manager. He placed the order for me over the phone. Now I'm afraid of what I'm gonna get, if it's gonna come in good condition or not.
I can only imagine the HELL ! it would be to return something!! Neddles to say...it was my 1st and LAST purchase. Company seems to big to train reps well and have effective customer service. They can fix and fix problems but i'd like to avoid them! Especially when they have so much competition with good customer service and smooth transactions.

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low quality

"I ordered knobs and pulls for my newly renovated kitchen, which came to about $300.00. The bubble knobs were nice and I decided to keep them. The pulls were a weird plastic metal thing and cheep looking so I choose to return those. One big problem with wayfair is things look great in the pics but cheap and crappy when you get them. To top it off they charge me more then a third of the selling price to return them. I feel like they lure you in with great looking items and free shipping but the quality just isn't there. I ordered a couple pieces of furniture as well and it was the same with one piece. One was awesome and the other was just chintzy. My advice, pay close attention to the descriptions. If they are vague and don't state all materials used, pass. "

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Certainly NOT dancing and singing around the

"I am sure many have seen the Wayfair TV ads with the customers dancing around their new furniture, so we decided to order a bed from the Wayfair online catalogue. Everything went fine with placing the order and the shipping dates were met with ease. We had to stop the “Wayfair” dance to discover parts for the bed were missing. I called customer support and was told the parts would be located in a box covered with a red tape marked “Hardware” ….that box was missing and I noticed that the shipping container had been re-taped in multiple locations. My only assumption is somewhere in its travels to our home the box split, and the hardware box got lost. My wife and I made several calls to Wayfair and their response amounted to several solutions. The first solution was to simply call the vendor and ship out a hardware box replacement. The answer was the vendor doesn’t really have replacement hardware for the bed. Next, Wayfair ask us to take the list of hardware parts (list apparently survived the trip) and go to a home center and buy the needed parts to complete assembly. We really didn’t have the time and Wayfair offered to replace the entire order whereas we could use the hardware and possibly return the bed. Wayfair discovered that returning the merchandise would cost too much so it was possible that we could keep the second replacement bed. We considered this very fair but the offer was made BEFORE anyone at Wayfair bothered to check inventory. So, when the order was made the computer kicked the order back because there was NO inventory for this bed and the earliest date was August 27, 2018. Now we were off to the “home” store to replace all the hardware.

You can see our experience with this firm wasn’t sparkling, but in fairness, they made the effort but it fell very short of real customer satisfaction. Offers to replace the cost of hardware and our time wasted picking up the hardware has not been totally followed up by Wayfair. Before you put on your dancing shoes when you order from this company make sure you get everything you paid for in the box and that the box doesn’t arrive totally beat up and repackaged.

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Never again!

"I ordered a 28" 9000 Series Easy Street Cart Portable Electric Grill by MECO Corporation, and it arrived today. I should have realized that there was something wrong when the tape holding the box closed was loose, and had several layers. Obviously it has already been opened. I opened it and the wheel was smashed sitting right on the top. The second clue that this was probably a return sent out to me was the fact that the BBQ is now out of stock. I explained when talking with someone that I am handicapped senior, have saved for a while to get this, and was told that Wayfair was a reputable company that stands behind the products and is aware of the product that is sent out. What it also shows that Wayfair will put the blame on FedEX for their delivery. Well it was not FedEx's fault, they did not retape the box and send it out to another sucker. Never again!!!!"

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This company ****

"I was attracted by their low prices but at the end they either cancel the orders or is not the same model you order, they send a cheaper one."

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It's never their fault

"I ordered a fountain and they sent me the wrong one. They told me that I got what I ordered but I have the email with the right one on the order. They told me I can return it if I pay the $33 shipping. I didn't make the mistake , why should I pay? Will never get from them again.... beware! I purchased through WalMart , so see what happens."

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never sell what you dont have

"placed order on line on MAY 27 2018 for hard top gazebo received confirmation and ETA on June 3 2018 i went on line to pay bills noticed money was placed back in to account contacted customer service was then told item is in back order then told will see what number am i on list of customer purchaser same item guess what was only person -then told if i did not want to wait cancel order so i did - How do you advertise item give out confirmation and ETA on products you dont have available "

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Pleased with customer service and purchases

"We ordered mattresses and bed frames online and were given a delivery date. The delivery date of the mattresses was delayed by one day. I called Wayfair and spoke with Danielle McCormick, Case Manager and she was helpful and professional. Because we would either need to sleep on the floor, or get a hotel room due to delayed delivery, Danielle McCormick gave us a significant discount that was credited to our visa. We are also pleased with the bed frames and mattresses. Easy and positive shopping experience.

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They claim they have them in stock and 2 weeks later after they were supposed to ship they are on back-order

"I ordered a pergola 2 weeks ago and read on the site "only 4 available, order now". I placed the order, they created an authorization on my credit card, and told me it would be ship on 5/14/2018 and be delivered by 5/17/2018. I have 2 friends flying in from out of town to visit and help put this thing together.

I called yesterday, 5/14/2018, because I was worried that I hadn't received a shipping email yet and they told me it was shipping and my tracking information would be emailed today, 5/15/2018. Today, I received an email telling me it was on back-order and I wouldn't be receiving it until 6/7/2018.

I called and Joseph said they were sorry and it was in-fact on back order. Interestingly enough, the same Pergola with a different color fabric read "only 1 left, order now". I asked about that one and he said we could change the order to that one, but it wouldn't be delivered until 6/7/2018, the same date as the back-ordered item would arrive.

Total waste of 2 weeks of my time, I guess you get what you pay for. I've found the $1,800 pergola online at another site for $2,000 and I know they will take care of me since they are the largest shipping company in the US. I wont make this mistake again.

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"Wayfair advertised a bookshelf and put it on sale. So I ordered it. I received the order 1 day later than what they told me. When I checked I found I had received a bookshelf that was not what I had ordered or been advertised. It was not even the same brand name. Yes it was a bookshelf. Yes it was the color I wanted. Yes it was the size I wanted. Yes it had 5 shelves as advertised. But what I received was a cheap knock off from China. As I already said, it was not even the same brand name. If I order apples I expect to receive apples, not oranges. Yes it is still a fruit, but point is it's not what I ordered. So I contacted Wayfair about this problem. They sent a notice that they would correct the problem and send the correct bookshelf. Great! Or so I thought. Today I received notice that they looked into the problem, acknowledged that they indeed had changed the name of the product, but said I had received the correct product. This is not true! Again, what I did receive was not the correct name brand, therefore the incorrect product. Evidently Wayfair thinks I can not read. This practice is a classic Switch & Bait technique which goes under the heading of FRAUD. IT IS ILLEGAL! I WILL be taking the correct legal actions against Wayfair for this. I strongly urge others reading this review to be sure they are not Scammed in the same way as I have been and check carefully when your order arrives to make sure it is exactly the product it is suppose to be. BUYER BEWARE!"

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