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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 7.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 5.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 10.00/10
Customer service: 7.50/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Quality Shop; Disappointing Purchase

"The I Am Shaman website is easy to navigate and better organized than their previous site. And they offer a wide variety of products.

I had several issues with using a Visa credit card because their card processor was down, but shop employees were quick to respond to my emails and offer assistance. And the shop does offer a nice variety of payment options. Ended up doing bitcoin.

Great shipping options. Package arrived on time.

I ordered the Chill/Lucid Smoking Blend. And I don’t recommend it if you’re looking for a strong or even moderate experience. I used it in a pipe as well as in papers and used an increasing amount with little effect. Could be a good tobacco or weed alternative if you’re trying to quit smoking. But the effects are VERY subtle, in my opinion.

Great shop; Chill/Lucid blend is too weak. Not the company’s fault. Those herbs just don’t do what other substances can do.

Helpful Cool


"I put in an order the other day, and was so pleased to have Matthew help me. There was a bit of confusion, because I put in two separate orders in one night. Matthew was very courteous and helpful, he kept right on top of what the problem was. I received my order within two days and all was GREAT!!!

Overall I Am Shaman, is the best company, in regards to your herbal needs. They are very attentive and willing to help you along the way. They have pride in their product and it shows. Their product is exceptional!

i just placed an order again today!!! I will report back...

Helpful Cool


"Yes, Iamshaman is very prompt with their delivery and the product. It looks great to the eye, yet the amanitas that i ordered were some other species of amanita muscaria cause they were extremely too mild. Mostly muscle convulsions and eye twitches. I actually feel asleep 3 hours later"

Helpful Cool


"I have been a long time buyer from there site for 12 years, and I really appreciate them replacing the Daganda Herbal Smoking Blend. You introduced me to wild dagga and sent a OZ of damina, and 2 different rolling papers and a bamboo rolling mat!!! they really went above and beyond what was asked of them! It really meant a lot 2 me! I will be a customer with them for the rest of my life."

Helpful Cool


"So I've heard of mixed reviews about IamShaman. I don't know why anyone would feel that way honestly. I've had nothing but good service when Ive ordered. The packages have always arrived before expected or at least perfectly on time.

The products are exactly as they should be, in fact I usually am given more then I expect and the quality is what is to be expected. I've tried other shops and the quality is comparable if not, as I personally think better.

I will always order from them.

Helpful Cool


"The people at IAmShaman are very nice & the selection is great. I am a newer customer, i am very impressed with them. Their shipping is on time & track-able. I'm very pleased with the products i received, they even tossed in a little bonus for me. I have been recommending this site too friends & family. Over all i am very pleased with there shop & services, sure you will be too! (I had a personal problem with my credit card on this recent order, they kept my order on file & waited for me too call for permission to run it again. they were very pleasant, helpful & understanding in this matter as-well.)"

Helpful Cool


"just recvd my order from iamshaman. post office was rough on package. the product delivered was carefully wrapped per piece ordered. on packing slip was a stamp. "carefully wrapped by b." 1st time trying them as well as this product. this review only reflects service provided and not actual product quality in itself. i have no issues with this site. compared to sagewisdoms service,which i think is timely/excellent,they delivered just as fast with good customer service. thank you iamshaman."

Helpful Cool


"Iamshaman is the most reliable vendor for entheogens I have had the pleasure of finding. Their customer service is outstanding and their products are always the highest quality. I am a repeat customer with them and have yet to be disappointed. Their shipping is fast and discreet, as I have never waited more than 3 days for my order, although I usually receive it after only 2 days! I highly recommend iamshaman or shaman's gardens, their parent company."

Helpful Cool


"GREAT people at Iamshaman.com... I ordered some products by sending CASH IN THE MAIL, which is always a scary thing to do. After I sent the money, I decided I didn't want the product anymore, and would like to cancel my order. If I owned an online store, this would kind of annoy me, especially considering that it costs money to return money to the customer. Not only did they return ALL my cash with no "processing fees," but also they did so through priority mail with a tracking number. If that's not an example of top-notch dedication to customer satisfaction, then I don't know what is. Though I cannot yet speak for the quality of their products (I have not received them), I do know that IAmShaman makes sure that you as the customer are satisfied, and I had a very pleasant experience with them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Helpful Cool


"Very good products, nice communication, item was shipped fast and received in Lithuania after processing by customs. The package was discreet also. I will be recommending them to my friends and will buying again. Thank you IAmShaman! "

Helpful Cool


"My personal experience with IAmShaman has been so good that I decided to write this review. I have never written a review because I felt that nobody really deserved it. IAmShaman is the first online store that made me so pleased that I made the decision to thank them personally and I will recommend this website to all friends and family."

Helpful Cool


"Great vendors! Fast shipping and decent prices. Would buy from them again."

Helpful Cool


"I was originally referred to I Am Shaman a couple of years ago. Being a web designer (and a snotty one at that, at the time), I felt like I was at a possibly low-grade emporium. IAmShaman has taught me many things, one of which is to not judge a book by its cover.

The website has a multitude of high quality products, of which I have never been dissatisfied. Even within a single species of plant, they typically offer several "grades" to choose from, giving an overall very wide selection of quality versus price. You can usually find exactly the match you are looking for.

Beyond that, the discreetness of billing and shipping is unparalleled. Their staff is generous, careful to address issues, and genuine -- which is not too common in the corporate world of business. In the event I have to speak to them, I am confident a reasonable outcome can be obtained.

I would like to mention, I am filling out this review because of a recent exchange with the staff. While complementing them on their exemplary service, I was thanked for my purchases, and asked to support the company in a public space. I whole-heartedly enjoy giving a few minutes of my day to support this amazing service.

Thank you I Am Shaman,
-Kyle Kirchner

Helpful Cool


"My first time ordering from IAmShaman was sometime back in 2007 or 2008. At that time I had only purchased from about two or three other vendors and right away IAmShaman became my number one vendor for several years. Over the years I have ordered from many other vendors and can still say that they make my top three. Very professional and discreet with top quality Maeng Da Kratom. Service has always been quick and have never had any mistakes made with orders. I recommend their Crushed Maeng Da Kratom, Patchouli Leaf and Parmotrema Menyamyaense Rock Blooms."

Helpful Cool


"Before reading further know this. I am personally recommending, no ADVOCATING you experience a purchase from The IAmShaman Shop. I purchased 4oz of Bali Kratom incense and the smallest available order of HB woodrose seeds. Let me just say the price i paid is unbeatable. If that is false please correct me and show me something better. The kratom is packaged delicately and safely in two bags,(one inside the other) the outside bag was labeled specifically and correctly what I ordered. The seeds came in an appropriate size bag also labeled accordingly. My invoice even came stamped "Carefully packaged by MIKE" which also included a kind "thank you". Indeed it was carefully packaged. The quality of the product appears excellent so far, though neither one has been put to use. On the 18th (Saturday) of this month I ordered my products using express mail, which was delivered by FedEx.I received my package today, the 21st(Tuesday) around 10 am. I immediately received an e-mail confirming my order, and received a second one once it had shipped. My experience ordering ethnobotanical products are very limited as this is only my second purchase ever. my last purchase was from Arena Ethnobotanicals (also reputable) the reason I tried IAmShaman is because of their excellent price. So far this guys are my primary source unless I find something better. 5 stars. "

Helpful Cool

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