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"Blessed company! I support every single word said here about it!!!!
Bought computer here too at the beginning of this yer and i'm so satisfied, no guarantee needed.

Helpful Cool


"Very nice service. The computer was quickly delivered at my doorstep. Using it for two month I still can not find any disadvantage! I'm shure (and see) that the quality of the service is high, so I am not worry! "

Helpful Cool


"I'm writing this review on the best computer I ever had, and that is saying a lot. I just can't say enough about this company. First of all, this is (again) the best computer I ever had, and I've owned dozens, literally. I've also built computers myself for a living, and know quality work when I see it. So I say again, this is the best computer I ever had, period.

As for their service: wow. A month and a half after I bought the computer, the power source failed. I emailed (on another computer) the fine folks in customer service at TastyComputers, and within 24 hours they had FedEx'ed me a brand new and BETTER power source (the original was a 650w power source; they replaced it with an 800w power source, at no extra charge), along with careful instructions on how to remove the other and replace the new power source as well. I had my computer up and running again faster than if I'd had their service people come over and do it for me. I was VERY impressed with their customer service; better than any I've found anywhere else, in fact.

Thanks, folks, and I'd recommend TastyComputers to anyone who wants the best computer they'll ever own.

--Mark Trahan

Helpful (3) Cool


"After spending many hours online researching computer vendors, I decided to email Russell Sullivan at tastycomputers.com to ask a few questions regarding a prospective build. I liked the logical layout of his site and the fact I could carefully select each component for my new system. Initially, I was somewhat reluctant to deal with a "small company" rather than sticking with a giant manufacturer. Well, it turns out Russell Sullivan is a professional who really knows his stuff, and he provided me with more quality customer service than any mega-manufacturer ever had. After a week of pre-sale email correspondence, he had courteously answered all my questions and expressed a willingness to answer more. Once I ordered my new computer, it took a little longer than I expected because I was used to the way the big manufacturers do it. Rather than taking parts off the shelf or slapping parts together and throwing the computer in a box in the shortest possible time, Russell uses brand new parts and takes care to ensure the system is stable and trouble-free before he ever ships it. As he put my new system through a testing/burn-in phase, he sent email updates so I was never out-of-the-loop. In addition, he updated all drivers and the OS so everything was current when I received it. As for my new computer, I chose a Flava-X38 with a Gigabyte 3D Mars brushed aluminum full tower with blue lighting. It's a very nice looking tower that is more impressive than any other system I've ever owned. With the aluminum case and several fans, my computer runs very cool while remaining quiet in operation.
Bottom Line- Dealing with Russell Sullivan and tastycomputers.com was a pleasant experience, and I am a very satisfied customer who wouldn't hesitate to order again.

Helpful (1) Cool


"I purchased a computer from Russell at Tasty Computers earlier this year. Specifically for video editing this year. I must admit when I saw the name of his company I was a little sceptical but after a few E-mails back and forth about specifics about my system I was convinced that I made the right choice about choosing to purchase from him.He explained to me component by component what would work best and why. To my suprise some of the components that he suggested were not the most expensive but were the ones that would work the best for my situation. I would not hesitate to buy another computer from him when the time comes. I would definately rate his company a 10.
Jeff Senkowski

Helpful Cool


"After a particularly bad off-the-shelf computer purchase, I asked my computer consultant for a recommendation for a replacement--that is where I learned about Tasty Computers. I recommend that everyone who wants a great computer talk to Russell Sullivan at Tasty Computers. Russell begins with an assessment of what is needed, and then he makes his recommendations for what should go into the box. This is the best computer I have ever owned--quiet, fast, well-cooled, beautifully constructed and, best of all, every part worked correctly right out of the box. However, the benefits didn't stop with the computer--Russell is a real person who stands by his company's computers, answers all questions promptly and fully. If you want a fully tested, reliable computer built to fit your needs, contact this little company. Although Tasty is in Colorado and I'm in Oregon, I am confident I have a friend and a resource in the business--just an e-mail away. M. E. in Portland, OR"

Helpful Cool


"I had two PCs die on me in October. In the past, I have built my own systems, but this time I did not have the time to research the “latest and greatest” products. I was referred to Tasty Computers by a coworker and friend who is also a security engineer. The owner, Russell, was a breath of fresh air. He understood my concerns and assured me he would build the best system for my needs. He also gave me advice on the respective merits of AMD and Intel. He understood that I did not care for Norton AntiVirus and recommended ESET’s NOD32 AntiVirus. My husband and I have customized Tapa965s with the Intel Core Duo Processors. This company went above and beyond customer service. Our units are performing flawlessly, and the NOD32 antivirus program is far superior to Norton. We highly recommend Tasty Computers"

Helpful Cool


"I purchased a BISTRO965 system with 3 SATA 320GB internal Hard drive and 1 external 320GB removable Hard drive and 2GB memory. I received it a little late due to it having to be re-tested and FEDEX being closed SUNDAY and MONDAY. I love the system and have had no problems setting it up and configuring a wireless HP all in one printer to it. Also had it configured to wireless LAPTOP and another PC."

Helpful Cool


"TastyComputers assembled a Tapa CPU to my specifications. It works great and is very fast. What was outstanding about the company was the incredibly fast turnaround time, the warmth and personal service and the aftercare to help me retrieve essential lost files. Joyce E Miller, Gresham, OR"

Helpful Cool


"Absolutely incredible service, from initial inquiry to placing the order to special arrangements for shipping to follow-up after installation. No wonder this company has a perfect rating and inspires such loyalty. I don't expect to need technical support but am entirely confident that any problems I have will be responded to with alacrity and impeccable customer service."

Helpful Cool


"After careful research I ordered my new computer from Tasty Computers. I could not have asked for better service. I ordered on Sept 4th and assembly began on the following Thursday. The system was completed as promised and shipped out on Sept 12th with a delivery date of Sept 15th. It arrived on time and started up perfectly. Further, when I ran into an issue installing a second HD, Russell was ready with an easy answer by the end of that day. Further, He has provided pleasant, courteous support through the entire purchase, build and delivery process. He kept me in the loop as the system was being assembled and apprised me of any issues as they arose. I could not have asked for better service and would recommend this store to anyone who is seeking a high quality, custom built to order system. "

Helpful Cool


" When looking for a computer, the first thing that comes into mind is where do I buy it and how about the quality of it? So, being a member of CreativeCow and hanging around the Sony Vegas forum, I read about TastyComputers from my friends and how much they liked their new system. Plus, reading the comments really convinced me on purchasing one. Russell at TastyComputers made ordering very easy for me. He's very polite and made it fun. The great thing about ordering from TastyComputers is that whenever you need to talk to someone, your talking to someone from the United States where you can understand them. During the ordering process, Russell keeps you updated on the progress of your new computer and gives you the tracking number so you know when you'll get it. I can proudly say that I'm 100% happy with my mean machine. My Creative GigaWorks S750 sound system is the greatest. My wife tells me we now need a bigger house for the sound. Goodbye Dell with your Intel and I broke free with the 3D AURORA AMD. I'm looking forward to doing future business with my friend Russell at TastyComputers.

Ralph Hajik :)

Helpful Cool


"Russell made the entire experience of purchasing and then receiving my new computer very easy. He worked with us on locking down the parts we needed in the computer to have a dependable, high quality machine, that could easily handle my uses. He helped us to keep the cost down, offering alternatives to parts that, while high quality, were probably more than I would need for my computer use. The final product is a machine that is quiet, fast running and can easily handle everything I throw at it. I was also impressed at how rapidly he was able to get the parts, put my computer together and get it shipped to me.I was expecting the process to take a few weeks, I think he managed it in a week or 10 days. The customer service was excellent for the entire process, I was able to see exactly the status of my computer at any time through my Personalized Order page and even got a picture of it once it was assembled. When it arrived and we did the installation, we initially thought there was a compatibility issue with my operating system being able to play DVDs (which had existed on my prior computer) and was a main reason I was getting this new computer with superior hardware. Russell worked with us to get this sorted out and I am able to plays DVDs with no issue whatsoever. Thank you very much and I love my new computer!"

Helpful Cool


"Russell Sullivan of TastyComputers.com makes buying a personal computer from his company one of the most agreeable buying experiences I can remember. The communication and coordination of the whole process were of the highest quality and ensured that the customer is always fully aware of every development as they occur. The attention to detail was truly extraordinary.

A personal web page is created just for you that shows the progress of your computer as well as listing all of the included components, a setup guide and a printable invoice.

When my PC arrived it had suffered some rather serious interior damage to the hard drives mounting frame during shipment that was the fault of the shipper. I returned the unit to Russell and he had it rebuilt with a new case. It worked perfectly after that and is the best PC I have ever owned by far.

Here is some detail of the thoughtful package I received with the computer:

1. A personalized detailed setup guide that explained everything about the PC including what to do if something went wrong. It also contained the serial numbers of every component in the PC.

2. A set of spare power cables, hard drive cables and rails, video cables, various adapters and a circuit board removal tool. All of these allow later expansion or upgrading of the PC if desired. I was able to install my Zip drive from my previous computer myself using some of these cables.

3. A complete package of software, including the original Windows XP Pro disc, and various manuals and references.

4. A fully completed rebate form (including an addressed stamped envelope) for the Plextor CD/DVD combo drive that was installed in the PC.

All in all a wonderful buying experience that very few companies can even come close to emulating. Russell and his team deserve all the praise I can give them and then some

Helpful Cool


"This is the most pleasant computer purchase I have ever made. I was able to spend some quality time on the phone with owner Russell Sulliavan before my purchase talking about my requirements and what the best possible solutions might be. Russell had a number of suggestions, some of which lowered the cost from my original estimate.
The timeliness of the computer build and shipment, as well as the website tracking, were right on the money. Tasty Computers has a very comprehensive website designed for comprehensive information, pricing and keeping track of future software and hardware updates and drivers.
My computer has run flawlessly since its arrival and I have been impressed by the speed of performance and solid construction.
I would give Tasty Computers and Russell Sullivan my highest rating and recommendation and will by my next computer from them as well.
A very classy company with first class service.

Helpful Cool

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