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Product & services pricing 1.44/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.14/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.43/10
Customer service: 0.79/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.44/10
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I am a home advisor contractor

"I am a contractor with home advisor, they send you leads and charge you for them automatically, if the client doesn’t answer you still pay, if you don’t get the job you still pay, if the person no longer doing project, YOU STILL PAY. They send these leads to multiple companies, they all pay 20 to 30 dollars for the lead. It is very dishonest the way the employees of home advisor don’t tell you how it works clearly before you start. I’ve been with home advisor for a month and out of 30 leads ive maybe picked up two yards. (I’m a landscaper). I’ve paid $350 for membership and at least $20 on each lead, waste of time and money. Contractors beware, also just so the customers know, when you have 3 companies come to your home to give an estimate, remember each of them is getting charged at least $20 for your contact info, just keep that in mind. BEWARE, FOR THE CONTRACTOR HOME ADVISOR IS A BORDERLINE SCAM"

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" National Wood Flooring Assoc. has problems with this company and so do I. They sent some leads after I cancelled and now they are in collection. Do not let them in your credit."

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Home Advisor FRAUD

"I am a contractor. Signed up 2 months ago. Have only received two leads in that time. Leads I was not interested in. When I signed up, I was told that the charges for leads sent to me would be $14-$34 for residential work depending on size, $70 for commercial work and $25-$55 for new construction work depending on size. I was also told that there would be no charges if I did not take advantage of the leads they send. I received two texts for work I was not interested in and never replied to the texts. When I got my credit card bill there was a $146 charge for one of these texts and a $98 charge for the other text. Called customer service to get refund to no avail. Was told by one of their supervisors that the rep who signed me up gave me the wrong information. She lied? Waiting for supervisor's supervisor to call me back. Told them not to send any more leads. Called my credit card company to dispute charges. Will cancel my account once the dust settles."

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"I had gone on Angie's List, thinking it was just that. Come to find out that it is associated with HomeAdvisor. I actually had 2 people come up to my door wanting to do some work on my house. Also got lots of phone calls about jobs I never inquired about. Beware!"

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Scam scam scam

"Well let me start first by saying there leads are bogus they even sent me to homes that we're vacant and never got ahold of customers on the phone even after several messages. But to make things worse they asked for names and numbers of my customers to build my profile well they decided they should call my customers and not ask about my work market there services to them I should have been charging them for giving them leads so do not give them your customers contact or you will find yourself biding against about 7 other contractors on a job that was once yours bad bad bad bad

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80 % of the leads sent to us were not real leads AND they refuse to credit us $70.00 per fake lead

"I've used Home Advisor for years and I am so fed up!!!!!!!!!!!
1. Customer said they did not want a quote. Did not request a quote.
Home Advisor representative tells me "You will get some leads that are not good leads and you won't get a credit but you have to look at the whole picture. You get many good leads."
2. Phone number doesn't work, email bounces back..
3. Lead if for a home with a fake number, no such address.
Bottom line is this:
When requesting a credit we have to choose a reason.
They do not have an option to choose "Customer said that they did not request a quote and they do not want a quote"
Why don't they have this option? I will tell you why.
Because they would have to issue a lot more credits. Valid credits.
Why can't Home Advisor be an honest company that you can trust?
Really ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shouldn't have signed up!

"I own a small roofing and exterior contacting company. One of the home advisor reps called me about 3 times a week trying to have us join. Finally, we decided to give it a shot. He said it wouldn't take long to get started over the phone. No more than 10 minutes. I was on the phone for over an hour and finally we were good. He said to call him or email him any time and he would get back to us right away. Also to tell previous home owners to review our site. I spend around 5 hours setting up our site and emailing old home owners to review. One person said they spent 30 minutes reviewing on the site and they had to sign up. After all this their review doesn't show up. I also have called and emailed the guy who set our account up and can't get ahold of him. I am now trying to get my money back from them. Haven't had one roof lead in a month. Only gutter repairs."

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Everlast Exteriors

"Jason did a beautiful job."

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Home advisor is a scam.

"How often does a home owner wake up at 2 in the morning and decide they want to paint their house. If our leads are turned off and happen to come back on in the middle of the night they will bombard your account with leads even if it 1 in the morning. Or opportunities they want to charge $70 for a an opportunity where the customer cancels an appointment was there ever even a customer? We have gone by addresses they have given and there is not even a house there or called a number to never have anyone respond."

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worst company ever

"when we started dealing with them we were told one thing and then they started billing us and it was not right were being charged ungodly amounts and they will not refund us the money they said they don't do that. or cancel our account. you best believe that the state and everybody will be hearing about this one and we will get our money back one way or another. what ever you do don't ever do this."

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They won’t cancel my account

"A few months ago I told HomeAdvisor to cancel my account 2 different times. I was told it was done. 2 months later I’m getting charged a renewal fee of almost 250 dollars. So I called them up again and had to have them delete my account again, they said they would but said they couldn’t give me a refund. Witch is a joke because my account should have been deleted a few months before and should never have been charged. If I could give negative stars I would!"

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Stay Away.. Scam of the century.

"HVAC contractor. Leads provided resulted in zero work. This is with us responding within 30 seconds. Leads paused... They kept coming. Had to block them from my credit card. Then they turn me over to collections. BEWARE!!!!!"

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Best rip off site… a bunch of crooks… stay away and save your money

"They rip me off with fake leads and expect you to pay for them they say it’s all part of the advertising thing they’re a bunch of ripoff’s"

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I wish there was a ZERO star! Terrible from start to finish!

"Same all the other bad reviews I have seen on here.... Bad leads, excuses after excuses, wont provide credits for all the leads that dont ever pertain to the services. Will auto renew you with no contact about doing so. I tried to cancel 3 days after I saw that they renewed me and they would not refund my money back. What a horrible company and I should have googled them before I signed up.... SOOOOOOOOO many terrible reviews, comments and even a class action law suite.. RUN if your reading this and find another option for getting leads. Learn from my expensive mistake! "

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